Professional Conversations Is Here!

Professional learning for your WHOLE team that starts a truly MEANINGFUL conversation!

Are you looking for high quality professional learning for your WHOLE team, that will help lift practice in your centre, and can be done in a convenient time and location? Then look no more!  

We know how hard it can be to provide relevant professional learning to your whole team, let alone trying to find the time! 

That's why we created EarlyED Academy Professional Conversations - an online portal for early childhood teams to learn about and discuss key topics including: 

✓ Play through music/drama/art 

✓ Putting early learning theory into practice 

✓ The National Quality Framework 

✓ Language development and literacy 

✓ Environments

✓ Relationships  

✓ Practice theories  

Say "hello" to your new best friend!


Tell me more!

I know what you're thinking - yeah right as if there is something that is affordable for our whole team - but there is…. 

We've coached hundreds of early learning clients on how to have 'professional conversations' on various topics from practice to sustainability, to relationships with children to the arts in early childhood, and so much more. 

Want to know more? Download our FREE Professional Conversations Guide pictured below and get ready to join the conversation.  


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Why you will LOVE Professional Conversations!

  •  Gives you back time!
  •  High-quality content
  •  Quality content = Quality conversations
  •  Engaging for your WHOLE team
  • Affordable, relevant and practicle
  •  Convenient - in your own time & place

1. Get comfy

Get your team together, grab a cuppa, switch off your phones and get ready to have a in-depth, valuable conversation with your team.

2. Choose a topic

As a team, pick a topic that is relevant for your centre or situation. You may choose to plan this out in advance, or choose a topic that responds to a recent experience.

3. Watch a short video

Now the fun a short video (most are under 20 minutes) as a team. Take some notes, think about how this relates to your current practice, families or centre.

4. Get chatting!

Once you have finished watching the video, simply use the helpful steps outlined in the Professional Conversations Guide to navigate a meaningful conversation with your team. Use this to reflect on current practice, dream about your centre's new direction, discuss strategies to implement or improve on your practice and program.

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What else comes with my membership?

A User Guide and video on how to hold effective Professional Conversations


  • Downloadable resources for each course

Access to a community of like minded professionals via our Facebook community.

If there is one thing you purchase this year make it this one!